Girasol Pink Tumblestones



Girasol Pink Tumblestones – Visualisation, Creativity, Distant Energy Work, Reiki

2.5 – 3.5 cms approx

This is for one tumblestone of pink Girasol

This is a crystal with a very soft gentle energy and being a type of quartz it is a great amplifier of energy so a great distant healing crystal to use when doing Reiki healings or other energy work. A brilliant crystal to hold when meditating or doing creative work or inspirational writing.  Connects well with the heart chakra. So if dealing with any emotions of the heart is a brilliant stone to carry in a pocket, place on a bedside cabinet, include in your crystal grids or simply place under your pillow whilst you sleep and let its energy interact with your own energy field.

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Weight .020 kg

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