Lapis Lazuli Tumblestone


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Lapis Lazuli Large Crystal Tumblestone – Gemstones, Psychic Intuition, Crystal Healing, Altars, Protection

2.5cm + approx – This is for 1 large grade tumble stone which are great quality and will be chosen intuitively for you.

Lapis Lazuli is classed as a very spiritual stone and one that is used especially with meditation to help open one’s third eye. It is good to keep a piece with you when doing talks, writing – especially inspired writing or artwork or even at times of stress as it is often carried when wanting more peace and calm.

It is a go to crystal when I am doing any spiritual work that requires me working deeply with my intuition

Lapis Lazuli Sphere

Mookaite Double Terminated Point

5) Sodalite Gemstone Pendant


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