Nguni Jasper Tumblestone



Nguni Jasper tumblestone great quality

This is for 1 Nguni Jasper tumblestone – 2.5-3cms x 2-2.2cms approx

A great crystal to carry when feeling stuck in a rut. A connector to the power of Mother Nature. I find it is brilliant for cleansing and aligning the chakras and has a very strong connection with earth’s energies. It can assist with dream recall. A great clearer of electromagnetic pollution.

Carry one with you when out on your favourite walk to become more intune with Mother Nature or even when just sitting in the garden.

Pink Opal Towers Points Peace Calm Heart Chakra Old Wounds

Fossil Ammonite Earth Healing, Continuous Change, Evolution, Life Pathway

Snow Quartz

Additional information

Weight .020 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 cm

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