Obsidian Black Tumblestones


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Obsidian Black Tumblestones – large

This is for 1 large Black Obsidian tumblestone which will be intuitively chosen for you.

I always find this to be a very spiritual crystal and a great aid in crystal healing. It is good to use when doing massage, reiki or any forms of healing especially when you are trying to find a root cause or any blocks in the auric field. It is often used as a divination, scrying, spiritual communication stone and is one of the main protection stones. It can act as a shield for negativity, and is one I always turn to when dealing with any forms of grief or heartache.

Use Black Obsidian to help safeguard your sacred space using its shield of protective energy which can also help absorb negative frequencies and even block psychic attack attempts. Place nearby when needing to feel that extra bit more secure and protected to help bring in peace and equality.

Simply pop one in your pocket, hold in the palms of your hand or place on any of your chakras that call, although it works very well on the lower chakras especially the base creating a powerful cleansing and healing energy for the mind, body and soul. A good grounding crystal.

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