Petrified Wood Tumblestones



Petrified Wood Tumblestones

This is for 1 Petrified Wood tumblestone – 2- 2.5cms x 2-2.2cms approx

I find these crystals to be full of earth energy and are a great grounding stone for those who are feeling ungrounded or for use in a crystal healing when we need to ground the client’s energy. I often use one when meditating to recall old wisdoms and lessons from the past and find it a great stone when studying ancient doings, past life issues, opening up the Akashic records. It  has been a valuable tool when channeling nature spirits and working on earth healings. A stone of evolution and ascension and good to carry one with you during spiritual growth.  Some use it when making contact with the spirits of the deceased to bring aid, guidance and comfort.

Carry one with you or place on a bedside cabinet or next to a glass of water before you drink it.

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Weight .020 kg

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