Shungite Rough Water Purification Crystals


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Shungite Rough Water Purification Crystals – Grid, Energy protection, Shield, Water Cleansing

30 – 40 g approx

Shungite is a often referred to as a ‘miracle stone’ or stone of life’ and I have found it to be very beneficial to use in my spiritual and healing work. I use rough Shungite to cleanse the water for my crystal essences and place a piece on the outer edge of my glass before drinking the water as I find it energetically cleanses and I find helps to balance the mind and emotions, helping to detoxify and purify the body which helps in evolving spirituality. It is one of my go to grounding crystals on those days when my feet don’t touch the ground and I am buzzing around everywhere but getting nothing accomplished. It helps bring me from my head space into earth qualities which can also help raise ones vibrational energy. As it is a great cleanser I also find when I have been working or using Shungite I have a peaceful nights sleep. When used in crystal healing it helps balance, align and activate the chakras.

Raw Shungite can leave a black carbon residue on your hands which you can simply wash away after handling.

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