Snow Quartz Tumblestones



Snow Quartz Tumblestones

Snow Quartz is often referred to as a good luck stone.

This is for 1 Snow Quartz tumblestone – 2- 2.5cms x 2-2.2cms approx

I love to use it in my own life and also in crystal healing as I find it a very calming and soothing crystal to work with. It is a great stone to hold when meditating, during a yoga or massage session and for aiding the ability to look within. It also has all the great properties of clear quartz but to a gentler degree. To me it has a very yin, feminine energy and can be used for purification on both the spiritual and physical levels.

Carry one with you or place on a bedside cabinet or next to a glass of water before you drink it.

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Weight .020 kg

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