Sugilite Tumblestones Rare


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Sugilite Tumblestones Rare – Love Stone, Wellbeing Mind / Body Kundalini

2 – 4 cms approx. You will receive one Sugilite tumble stone

Sugilite is quite a rare crystal nowadays but is an exceptional one for awakening the Crown chakra. I find it can help infuse the body with light, aiding unconditional love especially when used on the heart chakra. It can open and align the chakras from the Crown to the base   and aid in the opening of Kundalini energy. It is a brilliant healing crystal and one many crystal healers use to help balance the energies of the body and the mind especially where there has been sorrow, anger and fear.  It can be a good crystal to connect and meditate with for anyone who finds it hard to fit in or for lightworkers who struggle to adjust to the vibration of earth. A good crystal for sensitives and can help create a protective shield of light.

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