Tigers Eye Blue Tumble Stones


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Tigers Eye Blue Tumble Stones

This is for one large Blue Tigers Eye tumblestone which will be intuitively chosen for you.

Also known as Hawk’s Eye and Eagle eye. Each stone has its own unique colour and is a very powerful crystal.  Blue Tigers Eye has an extremely calming effect on the auric field whilst also encouraging one to stay strong. It connects with the throat chakra encouraging communications of all sorts, especially conversations that are difficult to have or have been held back for too long. If this is the case it would pay to carry a Rose Quartz at the same time, so any communications are expressed with love. A good crystal to carry with you when doing talks, teaching, business deals etc., Keep near to help remove negative or stagnant energy or when you are feeling under psychic attack and to also ground your own energies and especially when you need a supportive push forward. Be strong like an eagle comes to mind. A good stone when you are trying to unite your physical life with your spiritual.

A very good crystal to have with you when travelling.

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