Unakite Tumble Stones


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Unakite Tumble Stones

This is for one Unakite tumble stone that will be chosen intuitively for you.

Unakite is a crystal that does not call a lot of people, the reason why I really do not know as it is a beautiful stone and one that should definitely be included in any avid crystal collection. can contain three minerals – Green Epidote, Pink Fieldspar and Quartz and is often referred to as a balancing crystal. It is lovely to work with when trying to balance all aspects of yourself such as emotional, spiritual and mental. Use to release energy blocks in the auric field that are inhibiting your spiritual growth. I find it a lovely one to use to help you live in the present, the here and now and not in the past or even the future. The Pink Fieldspar helps with all aspects of the heart chakra such as self love, attracting the right kind of live, compassion and caring.

Some believe it is good luck to carry when they are pregnant especially for the new born child, some use it to meditate to get in touch with the new soul.

Keep one in your pocket or pop under your pillow whilst you sleep. You can place next to a green or pink candle whilst you allow it to burn through and asking for self love, compassion and respect for yourself.

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