Natural Rough Green Wavelite Crystal Specimen (1) – 16g


Natural Rough Green Wavelite

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Natural Rough Green Wavelite Crystal Specimen (1) – 16g

This is for a natural rough green Wavelike crystal specimen piece, weighing 16g.

4 cms x 2.5 cms approx

I hand select all my crystals for their lovely quality & great crystal energies for my customers needs. The one in the picture is the piece you will receive.

According to lore Wavelite is a universal love stone. It radiates strong vibrational healing energies. It can help us recognise we are all one and from the same source. It can assist one in viewing the bigger picture before making any decisions and understand the reason behind struggles. Wave light’s vibration increases at the time of a new moon.  A great stone for emanating world peace and love.

A great crystal to gift to a friend who struggles with relationships.

A great stone to use when making crystal grids and any healings of the heart.

It would be good to carry round with you or place in your bedroom, especially on a bedside cabinet so its healing energies can work with you whilst you sleep. It will promote peace and calm into any home.

It is a great stone to use whilst meditating, healing & to carry with you when visiting someone or a situation you find difficult.

Place somewhere in your garden / patio / front door etc., maybe near to a beloved rose or a plant brought with love or memories to create a lovely energy for anyone or animal that visits your garden or patio.

As I am a Reiki Master & crystal therapist all crystals will be cleansed and Reiki charged in my healing sanctuary before being sent out, so they are ready for your use.

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