Opalite Sphere


Sphere Cost: £15 –

UK p&p: £5 – recorded delivery

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Opalite Sphere – brings peace, calm, face fears & accept change.

Opalite Sphere Cost: £15 – lovely quality crystal

UK p&p: £5 sent via recorded delivery

Approx 65mm in diameter

This Opalite Sphere would be good for anyone born under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

I hand select all my crystals for lovely quality & their great energies.

Opalite is often called the stone of love, with it’s calming angelic properties.

This Opalite Sphere would be ideal in any work place, difficult or tense situation.

Opalite is a stone that can help us achieve our goals & be successful in them.

It is particularly useful in business.
This is of course, as long as your intentions are good
Great for meditation & to enhance psychic abilities.
• Improves communication skills, all levels especially spiritual
• Helps us to air or put across to others our feelings
• Sexual problems & dysfunction – reduces sexual inhibitions
• Dissolves energy blockages
• Helps us emotionally – heals at the emotional level
• Stabilises mood swings
• Reduces depression
• Calms and reassures
• Helps meditation
• Reduces fatigue
• Allows / helps us to slow down
• Good for the blood
• Helps the kidneys
• Strengthens our determination & perseverance
• Promotes and reinforces our belief in ourselves

It is a great stone to use when making a crystal grid to change the energy in any room.  A must for any altar or therapy room. It will increase the energy wherever it is place but also bring about a sense of balance.

By placing in your home it will help lift the vibrations, especially if they have become stagnated.

As I am a Reiki Master & crystal therapist all crystals will be cleansed  before being sent out.  So they are ready for your use.

I also teach beginners & advanced levels of crystal healing. If you would like more information please message me.

If you would like to purchase please add it to your shopping cart and please take a look at all the other lovely items I have for sale.

Opalite has no crystalline composition and uses the earth’s energy’s to help heal and change the energies wherever it is placed. it is a very important transformer crystal.




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