Black Obsidian Puff Heart – Healing, Meditation, Protection, Scrying,


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Black Obsidian Puff Heart – Healing, Meditation, Protective, Scrying

30mm approx – you are purchasing 1 Black obsidian heart

I will hand selected the heart that I am shown connects best to your vibrational energy and it comes complete with its own protective pouch.

This is a lovely Black Obsidian Puff Heart Crystal which would make a great gift. I like to use Black Obsidian Hearts in my spiritual work to promote protection, love and clear sight into what I am working with.

Black Obsidian is usually referred to as the stone of true pleasure and used traditionally by clairvoyants, star gazers and shamans for scrying, clear seeing and fortune telling. I often see it as a black hole which is highly protective, absorbing negative energies and sometimes use it as a grounding stone when trying to connect to past lives and their influences. If you are enlightened or an empath, lower vibrations can try to draw near and this crystal can be a great auric field protector for this. It is a good crystal to carry with you, use in meditation or healing when dealing with grief and loss. This can be a painful process to deal with and good to do under the shield of black Obsidian.

These little hearts are a great size to pop in a pocket and carry with you or to use in a chakra balancing session or crystal healing. They are a great addition to any altar.

Your crystal heart will be cleansed and charged under the appropriate moon cycle before sending out to you.

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