Rose Quartz Extra Large Heart 0.52kg


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Rose Quartz Extra Large Heart 0.52kg

10cms wide x 9 cms high x 5.5cms deep

weight: 0.52kg

Rose Quartz Extra Large Hearts do not become available very often.

This Extra Large Rose Quartz Heart is really beautiful and very large. It would make a special gift or statement piece in any room it is placed.

Rose Quarts is often called the stone of unconditional love.

I love to use Rose Quartz with anything to do with love. I will use it in my group sessions when people do not know each other as I find it helps them to connect. I have gifted it to friends in the past when they have suffered heart ache or are having trouble being accepted. I used it in a crystal healing with a little dog once, who would not accept other dogs, as its little heart had been closed. I have found it has helped me, when I have needed to find forgiveness and compassion when dealing with a difficult situation.

I like to keep Rose Quartz in my bedroom, especially on a bedside cabinet, so its healing energies can work with me whilst sleeping. I find carrying a piece makes me feel calm and peaceful.

As I am a Reiki Master & crystal therapist, all crystals will be cleansed and Reiki charged before being sent out. So they are ready for your use.

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