Citrine Druzy Hearts – Love, Strength, Courage



Citrine Druzy Hearts – Love, Strength, Courage, happiness, spiritual growth, prosperity, generosity,

7cms x 6.5cms approx

These Citrine druzy hearts are really lovely and a beautiful reminder of the love that is always available to us when we remain open. They have been handcrafted into hearts being semi-rough on the back with smoothly polished on the sides with hundreds of little druzy points on the top they really are very special and would make great gifts for your loved ones and even yourself. Very special pieces for your altars, sacred space or healing rooms.

Citrine is a crystal to connect with when trying to find zest in life, cleanse the chakras to help raise ones vibrational energy and enhance self-esteem and self-confidence. Some like to use Citrine when trying to attract wealth, prosperity and success. It is a wonderful stone that I find enhances happiness, contentment and even enthusiasm. Definitely use when someone is feeling negative, depressed or even fearful or emotionally out of balance.

Quartz Cluster Cut Base

Amethyst Cathedral With Stand Spiritual Connection, Meditation Focal

Quartz Fire Crackle Ice Generator Tower Points



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Weight .4 kg

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