Mookaite Crystal Double Terminated Crystal Point


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Mookaite Crystal Double Terminated Crystal Point

5.5cms approx

Mookaite is a very grounding crystal which helps with self-esteem. Can help with dreams and meditation and moving forward in life. Helps with fear and depression. Has been used for the thyroid gland. Helps one to be more social, encouraging new perception and communication skills. Mookaite helps one experiencing new circumstances, soothing erratic behaviour and helping one to remain calm. Is extremely good to use in negative situations, as it provides a shield over the user whilst working to neutralise the environment. Mookaite assists with decision making, guiding the user to the answer that is best for them at that point in time. It can also be used for discretion, when helping others with their problems. Promotes balance for the day and allows one to remain open and honest about all new ideas. Mookaite is a great companion for those who are alone or just feeling lonely. For people who work with children or have children of their own.

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The colour does vary in all Mookaite points but one nearest to the colourings in the picture will be sent but all Mookaite crystals bear the same healing qualities. It will also be cleansed and charged with Reiki healing ready for you to start using straight away.

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