Natural Rough Blue Tremolite


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Natural Rough Blue Tremolite Crystal Specimen

High Vibrational Crystal, Third Eye and Crown Chakras, Higher Spiritual Knowledge

6cms x 4cms approx 37g

I hand select all my crystals for their lovely quality & great crystal energies for my customers needs.

Tremolite is a high vibrational crystal. I like to use to help activate my third eye and crown chakras, to aid higher spiritual connections.  Especially when I am meditating and asking for spiritual guidance on new directions. It always makes me feel a deep sense of peace and harmony on whatever area I place it. I find it a great aid when crafting crystal grids and doing altar work.

I often place on a bedside cabinet, so its energies can work with me whilst in my dream state.

As I am a Reiki Master & crystal therapist all crystals will be cleansed and Reiki charged in my healing sanctuary before being sent out, so they are ready for your use.

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Crystal Healing Beginners & Advanced Workshops 

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Reiki Level I, II, III And Masters Teachers Degree




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