Tigers Eye Worry Stone, Palm Stone + Protective Pouch


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Tigers Eye Worrystone, Palm Stone + Protective Pouch

This is for one Tigers Eye worry stone, palm stone + protective pouch

4.5 cms x 3.5cms approx

Some of the first worry stones came from Ancient Greece and were pebbles or smooth rocks which had been worn smooth whilst in the sea. They were held between the index finger and thumb with a rubbing motion which helped promote peace and calm. It is an excellent method of reducing stress. Nowadays affirmations or emotional releases can be spoken at the same time. I often suggest to children or adults that are feeling stressed, worried, blocked or emotional, to hold a worry stone and rub it, whilst releasing their fears or emotions to their guides, angels or the universe and ask for help and guidance. When you intuitively feel you have finished just let go of everything you have sent and see how the changes start to take place, often in ways we could never have imagined.

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Blue Tigers Eye Bracelet

Tigers Eye Heart Protection, Grounding, Mental Clarity, Fear, Anxiety, Good Luck Crystal

Carnelian Heart Courage, Strength, Fears, Creativity, Cleanser, Abundance 


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