Ruby Sphere – deep red


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Ruby Sphere – deep red

This Ruby Sphere  is a lovely deep red and the camera light is highlighting the other beautiful colours deep inside of it.

I like to connect with a  Ruby Sphere when my energy levels are depleted.  I find it a great stone for stimulating my mind and aid positivity. I often use a Ruby Sphere in crystal healing when the base chakra is out of balance or dealing with anger and frustration or trying to find enthusiasm, passion and increased energy in life,  projects or anything I am working on.

Connecting with Ruby’s enegies makes me feel as though I have recharged my batteries and opens my creative heart.

Ruby is one of the crystals I use for psychic protection against psychic attack or negative energies.

I hand select all my crystals for lovely quality great energies. I will send out the one that calls your energies.

A great stone to use when making a crystal grid and working with distant healing or communication of any kind. A must for any altar or therapy room. It will increase the energy wherever it is placed, but also bring about a sense of balance.

Try one in your home or workplace if the vibrations need changing, especially if they have become stagnated.

I am a Reiki Master and crystal therapist, all crystals will be cleansed  before being sent out, so they are ready for your use.

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