Selenite Crystal Tower – 16cms


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Selenite Crystal Tower – 16cms approx

This is for one  large Selenite Crystal Tower, which would look lovely on any window sill especially where the moon’s rays can interact with it.

In the past I have found Selenite crystal towers very effective when placed in the bedroom of teenagers, those suffering from ADHD, Autism and others who have been feeling stressed or fighting the darker side of life. I often use some form of Selenite in my crystal healing sessions.

Selenite can help bring light from higher realms into the physical body to aid personal transformation.

It is a high vibrational crystal. Aids opening of crown and soul star chakra and can assist contact of the divine mind and access the Angelic realm. Aids clarity of mind, by cleansing the aura of negative energy build up, both within the physical and etheric body. I find it enhances peace, calm, helps bring fears to the surface, anger and frustration. Selenite connects to moon energy and is good for grid, altar work and crystal healings.

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