Stunning Polished Malachite Lion Totem Power Animal


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Stunning Polished Malachite Lion Totem Power Animal – Courage, Strength, Assertiveness, Protection

Stunning Polished Malachite Lion Totem Power Animal – Courage, Strength, Assertiveness – Rising Sun energy
11cmsW x 6cmsH – 202g

This is an absolute Stunning Polished Malachite Lion Totem Power Animal which has been hand carved into a Lion. With the beautiful markings of Malachite truly showing throughout the carved Lion. It would make a lovely feature piece in any crystal collection.

Malachite is a brilliant healing stone very popular with crystal therapists. It can help bring issues and negativity to the surface rapidly. Malachite absorbs environmental & emotional toxins. It is a stone of transformation & change and will assist with inner journeys & revisiting of ones timelines and will help pinpoint anything blocking ones spiritual growth. Its strong energies will go direct to the cause of the problem and bring out what it is shadowing. It will help you to step forward and face your fears by releasing outworn patterns.
Malachite has a high copper content which gives it its bright green colourings and makes it an ideal stone for drawing out aches & pains such as arthritis, rheumatism. A talisman for attracting loyalty in love, friendships & partnerships. It strengthens the heart, circulation and helps release stress and tensions. It can help activate the heart chakra and increases universal compassion.

By placing it in any room that calls its healing energies will work their magic to whoever comes to that room. It will also change the vibration of the home and especially the room it is placed.

The lion is a very powerful totem.  Anyone drawn to Lion energy can expect lessons to do with communities & groups & they will need to re-examine their roll in those groups. It may be a time to speak up and be heard in order to protect what is yours, also are you doing enough? or do you need to co-operate with others more. For those that are drawn to a Lion for their power animal there will be rising sun energy around them and the colour gold so the awakening of brighter days and times where their creativity, intuition and imagination will come alive.

We can learn a lot when Lion energy is shown to us if we just take the time to connect and learn from it. With the influence of Malachite this is a terrific Power Animal Totem.
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