Pink Opal Tumblestone – Peace Calm Heart Chakra Old Wounds



Pink Opal Tumblestone – Peace Calm Heart Chakra Old Wounds

3 – 4 cms approx

Pink Opal is a very soft vibrational energy crystal which I always find brilliant for enhancing peace and calm and one I like to call on during my crystal healings to aid emotional healing.  Use when trying to clear old wounds especially of the heart bringing soft gentle energy into your aura where you can find inner peace. Connects well with the heart chakra. A good crystal to use when trying to connect with past lives or are having regular dreams as I have found it help bring old wounds to the surface to be reviewed and healed. Wear during a past life regression session to help resolve painful cellular memories with gentleness and compassion especially for yourself. A brilliant crystal bracelet to wear when trying to recover from a broken heart. A good crystal to have near children when struggling with sleep.

This is for one tumblestone which I will intuitively choose for you.

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Pink Opal Towers Points & Peace Calm Heart Chakra Old Wounds

Pink Opal Bracelets

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Weight .3 kg

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