(B) Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum


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Pendulum cost: £20

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Blue Howlite Crystal Pendulum / Dowser with beautiful crystal beaded chain  & handcrafted

All  my dowsers are individually designed and handcrafted by myself & my husband. Each one being different in some way.

This is a beautiful blue Howlite crystal pendulum & very individually handcrafted. It has been crafted from intriquate silver plated beads & blue Howlite crystal, finishing with a smooth blue Howlite point held in a strong, gold clasp.

A lovely blue Howlite crystal pendulum / dowser for anybody to use who likes dowsing for personal guidance, to search for water or lost items or would be a lovely healing tool for a crystal healing therapist

If you would like to learn more about crystal healing please view my workshop section for beginners & advanced crystal healing. Places can be booked from my shop in the workshop section.

As I work as a crystal therapist & teacher each piece will be energy cleansed and Reiki charged so it is ready for you to use.

Spiritually uses:

A blue Howlite crystal pendulum can help us to connect deeply with our emotions and help bring in a sense of calmness.  It is a very good healing stone as can help calm both the mind & emotions, relieve stress, self criticism & that of others and see things as they really are.  It can help eliminate anger from its soul source. When working with a blue Howlite crystal pendulum  one can start to feel comfortable from within & see the world more peacefully.  It can connect with the throat chakra and the higher heart chakra and as blocks of stress, frustration and feelings of not being heard the right way are removed, it can heal the throat chakra and communications will flow in the right way, with the higher heart or stress chakra being balanced & cleared.

A brilliant stone to take with you when doing any talks or talking of any kind that needs to be heard. A good stone to sleep with either on a bedside cabinet or under your pillow as it will help with sleep including insomnia. A good stone to carry with you if stressed and have difficulty meditating.

Blue Howlite crystal pendulums can help you connect with your creativity & self expression as when we are happy and stress free our creativity will come alive.

The parts of the body Howlite can connect with on a spiritual healing level are bones, teeth, circulation system & the adrenaline glands.

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