Lapis Lazuli, owl beaded pendulum / dowser – handcrafted


Pendulum cost: £20

Uk p&p cost: £3 – recorded delivery

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Lapis Lazuli, Owl Pendant Pendulum / Dowser – Handcrafted

Pendulum cost: £20

Uk p&p cost: £3 – recorded delivery

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Lapis Lazuli, Owl Pendant Pendulum / Dowser – Handcrafted

This Lapis Lazuli Owl Pendulum Dowser – Handcrafted has been individual handcrafted. It has been crafted from chakra coloured, owl pendants and a smooth top quality Lapis Lazuli point. This is held in a strong silver clasp. It has an arrow head at the top for easy use & protection with its use.

All my dowsers are individually handcrafted by myself & my husband so most are unique and different in some way, making them very special for your own personal use. They would make a special gift if you are looking for something different. This Lapis Lazuli pendulum would be good for anyone who likes to dowse for self discovery, for water or lost items or for any crystal healers, mediums or working with past lives.

Lapis Lazuli is often referred to as the stone of self knowledge & self expression. it can help stimulate the throat and third eye chakra. it aids psychic ability, spiritual visions, insights & healing. It can help overcome depression and to speak up for yourself. It can give the throat chakra a boost & also the thymus & immune system. A good stone to use in a dowser for healing.

Owls can bring in the energy of magic, wisdom, mystery & ancient knowledge. Owls can connect us to the dark nights sky & the moon cycles. Its a symbol associated with the feminine & fertility and coupled with the moon’s cycles can induce renewal. Owl shows us knowledge & wisdom.

As I work as a crystal therapist & teacher each piece will be cleansed and Reiki charged before being sent out, so it is ready for you to use.

If you would like to learn more about crystal healing please message me or view my website. I hold beginners and advanced level groups.

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