(E) Quartz Angel Pendulum / Dowser


Pendulum / Dowser £20

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Quartz Angel Pendulum / Dowser

Pendulum cost: £20

Uk p&p cost: £3 – recorded delivery

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This Quartz Angel Pendulum is really beautiful and has been handcrafted with 8 beaded angels with their silver plated wings and crowns. It is finished with a smooth pendulum held in a strong clasp.

This is a unique handcrafted one off pendulum piece and very special

Quartz  is the King of the Healing Stones. It is the Master Healing Crystal. It acts as a prism to break light into the full colour spectrum and so can be used for all healing work on any part of the body. Clear quartz crystals can receive, transmit, store and amplify energy and information and so can be programmed for any task or special purpose. It promotes healing and harmony to any environment it is placed in. It energises all chakras and strengthens the energy field.

This Quartz angel pendulum has been handcrafted by myself & my husband and is very individual. Each of our pendulums are different in some way. They would make a great gift, if you are looking for something different and special. They would be good for anyone who likes to dowse for water, lost items, spiritual direction in their lives. This Quartz angel pendulum would be good for any crystal healers and would be a benefit in their treatments and rooms.

As a crystal therapist & teacher each piece will be cleansed and Reiki infused before posting, so it is ready for you to start using.

If you would like to learn more about crystal healing please view the workshops section. I teach beginners and advanced levels.

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