White Sage & Fragrant Herb Smudge Sticks x 3 – Xlarge inc Uk p&p


Handcrafted White Sage & Fragrant Herb Smudge Sticks x 3


This is for 3 Xlarge white sage & fragrant herb smudge sticks which have been handcrafted from herbs I have grown from seed in my nursery with healing & intent for their use.  All the herbs have been infused with healing energies from when they were sewn until harvested for use.  No chemicals have been used on them and they have been grown with intention for their use.

Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique from the Native North American tradition. Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance. it is the art of cleansing yourself & your homes/environment using simple ritual & ceremony. For thousands of years smudging has been a part of native American tradition but now its power of cleansing is available to everyone and its effects can be surprisingly swift & powerful.

To use simply light the end of the smudge stick and then let the flame go down leaving smoke coming from the end. Work around yourself, your home and surroundings allowing the smoke to go where it is needed. When you have finished smudging simply place your smudge stick on a heat resistant dish do not extinguish, allow it to go out in its own time. These smudge sticks are made from herbs that are grown with healing & the intent to remove stagnant/negative energies which will help lift the vibration.

These smudge sticks are extra large being approx 10″ long – twice the size of normal smudge sticks. I am selling these in 3s as the postage cost for 3 would be the same as for 1, however if you would like to purchase just one please let me know or you can call and collect.

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