Intuitively Bespoke Handcrafted Herbal Smudge Stick


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This is for one intuitively bespoke handcrafted herbal smudge stick handcrafted for your own individual needs, they are larger than most retailed smudge sticks but will vary in size depending on the herbs selected. They are made from fresh material available in the season cycle. I intuitively combine your energy field with the energy of the specific plants to create a herbal smudge stick for your own personal needs  & also to cleanse away any negative or stagnant energies from your auric field, homes, work places etc., They are handcrafted from herbs I have sewn with love and healing from seed or selectively locally foraged. Each smudge stick can also come with its own personal message or specific instructions for use depending on what comes through when I am crafting.

Each smudge stick is crafted with different coloured threads & animal totems significant to their use and intentions & come in their own individual wrappings with ribbons so would make great gifts for a special friend.

I also craft smudge sticks for animals to help them rid irritants – fleas, etc.,, for relaxation when stressed, to change the energies when mixing animals for the first time (acceptance), to help with depression or negative attitudes etc., if you require one to help with a specific need please message me.

If you would like to order one please add to your cart. As I make them once they have been ordered they can take up to a week before I post to allow for the drying time involved & I only forage on dry days when the oils are at their highest in the plants or scent & vitality or energies. But I will contact you with time schedules. If they are purchased for a gift please allow for this or let me know the dates required for and I will do my best to meet them.





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