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Rose Petals – Apothecary, Dried Herbs – Love, confidence, trust, healing, happiness, peace, dreams, romance

For hundreds of years roses have always been a symbol of love. Simply sitting near them, enjoying that age old scent, being gifted one or making simple rose water enhances a beautiful energy that can aid healing, whilst bringing joy and peace within our hearts. Even their thorns enhance the energy of protection. Rose tea, rose honey all create apothecary magic within our hearts and those we choose to share it with. By placing next to our loved ones photos, on our alters or in sacred spaces creates an ambience of magic which calls at the heart centre and third eye chakras aiding confidence and truths which needed to be spoken, but from one’s heart.

Rose energy carries a symbol of trust and innocence and a reminder to live from your heart, a place where you can be solely true to yourself whilst seeing the beauty around your world.

A time to dream and follow ones heart desires.

Chakras – Heart, third eye and base

Element – water

Planet – Venus

Zodiac – Taurus

Magical uses: love, confidence, trust, healing, happiness, peace, dreams, romance, sexual, divination, friendship, beauty,  luck, jealousy and protection.

Use on your alters, healing rooms, work places and homes, in dream pillows, love spells, protection sachets, add to pot pourri, crystal grids, healing rose water, tinctures etc.,

Crystals that compliment Rose – Rose Quartz, Mangano Calcite, Rhodonite, Quartz, Girasol, Pink Opal

These healing rose petals come complete in their own storage jars ready to be placed on your herbal shelves and matching the jars of all the other herbs I sell. The pots measure 9 x 7 x 7 cms approx and have their complimentary gold lids, informative labels and pentacle accents. There is enough rose petals for many uses, but need to be stored in a cool, dry place.

The pentacle represents all the elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit combined in a ring of completion and unity symbolising protection and connection.

Enjoy connecting with the energy of Rose

The herbs and information are not meant to treat or diagnose any illnesses or ailments. Always seek your doctor’s advice and look into any contraindications when using any herbs.

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9c) Handcraft Herbal Smudge Sticks, Incense & Smudge Feathers

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Weight .250 kg

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