1a) Inner Transformation Energy Healing Session – 60 mins



1a) Inner Transformation Energy Healing Session – 60 mins

Includes: Energy healing, Chakra Balancing, Higher Guidance, Vibrational Healing Combined with Herbal/Flower essences

Each healing session provides a deep in depth healing opportunity which is individual and tailored to the client’s needs. It offers deep relaxation and rebalance of the client’s energetic field enhancing harmony within the physical body.

I work with higher guidance, Angelic, Usui Reiki  and spiritual healing combined with crystal and sound therapy. My treatments are further enhanced with flower essences I handcraft using the flower’s energies blended with sacred waters, healing, earth cycles, crystal essences and organic essential oils. Each session last approx 1 hour with time at the beginning and end for you to discuss why you have come for healing and to fully understand any experiences or questions you may encounter.

Energy healing is a natural healing, which involves the laying on of hands and is hundreds of years old. It is a very simple but powerful healing technique, that is easily given and received, replenishing and balancing vital energies to the body’s energetic system. It works on the root cause of a dis-ease and not just the symptoms. Energy healing can reveal emotional blocks, which can often be the route cause of disharmony in the body. I always use healing when dealing with pain, stress, illness, dis-ease, depression and detoxing.  It is suitable for all ages, including babies, children and animals as well as any nationality or religion.  The client remains fully clothed throughout and can either sit in a chair or lay on my therapy couch. Relaxing music will be played and a short relaxation technique may be used to help you let go of your everyday events and worries and help you feel relaxed and at ease.

Energy healing leaves you feeling calm, refreshed and relaxed.

In our lives we have many experiences some good and some we would rather have not. We can suffer hurt, grief, rejection, abuse, depression ……… Try to remember we attract to ourselves what our soul needs to be able to grow – our reactions are our attractions – so why did you choose this? a question I have often asked myself and always hear others say.  A deep experience always holds a deep emotion otherwise you would have no reaction to it. The same emotion will be repeated time and time again in a different guise throughout our lives until it has taught us what our soul needed to learn from it. What we don’t understand we fear and what we fear we will try to get rid of.  However when we turn and face what has been presented and not run away, it will be the best gift we could have ever been given and when you have fully healed it won’t hurt you anymore.

This is where working with a good therapist and healer can help as we have our physical bodies but also an energetic body (aura) which holds the imprint of our experiences and can become quite out of balance. When rebalanced we approach life from a much different perspective.

We first have to experience it, then understand why it was presented to us, can often be timeline healing going back through generations. When we fully understand then it is easier to forgive, release and most important at this time open your own heart again.

First healing session + consultation please allow 90 mins – £75
Healing Session  60 mins – £50

If you would like to book a healing session please add it to your shopping cart and after the transaction has been completed I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

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