Zoom Meditation


Monday 31st January 2022

7 – 8 pm



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Zoom Meditation

We have all been experiencing great changes in our world and personal lives, which have all been part of the great consciousness shift which has been happening since 2012 and with so many people now becoming far more awakened and turning towards different spiritual practices, I have decided to take my meditation sessions which I have been holding for nearly 25 years, on line to be held via Zoom. I will be incorporating the use of crystals, herbs, oils and spiritual tools during these meditations and will encourage you to use them too. I will also be working with different moon cycles and earth events.

I’d like to invite you to join me for an hour of self-care to relax, release, restore or whatever is shown on the night, in the comfort of your own homes.

If you are unable to join my live meditation sessions, please still purchase as it will be recorded and you will be given access to watch, which you can do at a time that is more convenient for you, up until the following Monday.

On booking I will send you details of any crystals, herbs etc., that would be beneficial to have to hand. If you do not have them, they can be purchased from my website. They are not essential for the evening the energy will still be passed to you and the meditations still very effective but some may like to participate fully themselves.

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