Zoom – On-Line Meditation / Spiritual Development Circle


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Zoom – On-line Meditation / Spiritual Development Circle
This is an online weekly meditation / spiritual development circle which is ongoing, but needs to be rebooked every 10 weeks.
During each circle I will take you through a guided meditation which are always channelled through to me, from my guides, for that specific circle and afterwards I will help you understand what you have been shown. It often works similar to interpretating your dreams. This will help you understand your life’s journey and also any blocks you may be having along your soul’s pathway. As I help you to do the same it will help you connect with your spiritual gifts. We then work through various spiritual exercises to help enhance these gifts, such as psychometry, crystal reading – scrying, tarot card readings, flower readings, working on a mediumship/psychic level, tuning into the spirit world around you and understanding how to work with your guides + lots more.
I have held meditation/development circles for almost 20 years now and hold beginners and advanced levels. If you would like more information or to book one of the places please let me know.
Cost: £100 every 10 weeks
The one thing that is needed is dedication and a desire to develop your spiritual gifts as with commitment you will develop far better.
Please contact me for the next available dates – Contact

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