Silver Plated Altar Pentacle 15cms – meditation, herbal spiritual rituals, healing, magical, wicca,


Pentacle cost £20

UK p&p – £5

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Silver Plated Altar Pentacle

Pentacle cost £20

UK p&p – £5


This Silver Plated Altar Pentacle is of a high quality finish & comes complete with its own storage box & information on its uses.

It would be perfect for use on an altar or as a central focal point for meditation or herbal spiritual rituals. The pentacle is steeped in history. It shows a 5 pointed star within a circle. The points of the star are representative of the 4 elements – fire, water, earth & air and the top point being spirit.

A great addition to any altar or healing, meditation space. Perfect for holding or charging crystals, sacred/healing waters, candles of different colours for ceremony, candle magic, offerings whilst crafting, meditating, healing etc.,

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