Autumn Equinox Celebration


Friday 23rd September 2022

7.30pm to 9pm

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Autumn Equinox Celebration

As the wheel of the year turns once again bringing change in earth’s energy, I invite you to join in my Autumn Equinox celebration.

The Autumn Equinox brings a time of balance, rejuvenation and the start of root energy – rest, sleep, renewal and manifestation of new ideas. However it is important to take action and move into a new energy phase to balance your outer world with the inner,  give thanks to what you have created this year and to ask for inner guidance of what you need to take forward or release.  During the evening we will be working crystals, herbs, healing and meditation not only to bring you an evening of celebration, but to help you embrace this beautiful time of the year and connect with its energy.

Weather permitting it will be held outside around a fire pit, so please wear different layers to wrap up warm.

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