Beginners Tarot Reading And Associated Crystals Weekend Workshop


This is being held over two days

Wednesday 30th June and Wednesday 7th July

10.30am to 4.30pm

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Beginners Tarot Reading And Associated Crystals Course

I am holding a physically present course over two days –

Wednesday 30th June 2021

Wednesday 7th July 2021

10.30 am to 4.30 pm

I also hold this course via Zoom. For more details please Contact

This Beginners Tarot Reading workshop will give you an understanding of the cards, ancient symbolism, meanings, numerology, colour therapy etc., and I will also be teaching you crystals associated to the tarot and which ones to use to enhance your readings and intuition etc., We will be learning the minor and major arcana, different spreads and using the teachings of the tarot to begin to understand yourselves and your own journeys. Although I will be teaching the main meanings of the cards, I will also be encouraging you to use them to tune into your intuition and trust what you are seeing.

I also hold tarot reading days, where you will be able to practice, learn more about the cards and also new spreads as well as be helped to make your own spreads. This will help you to move forward with confidence.
I like to explain the cards fully, which when understood makes reading them fun and easy and also to read them intuitively. You will be taught how to store your cards, sort them for each spread, the etiquette of tarot reading, different spreads and to look deeper into the cards to do more indepth readings.
This is a really interesting but also a fun self discovery workshop.

Cost £240 – this includes a study manual relevant to this workshop. instalment payments are available. If required please message me via my contacts page.  Payments are non refundable once paid, however if over a months notice is given the same amount can be used on one of my other workshops or crystals I have for sale.

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I also teach palm reading if you would like to learn more please look under the workshop section of palm reading or message me.

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