Handcraft Your Own Spiritual Yuletide Wreath And Understand Its Spiritual Significance


Saturday 10th December 2022

11am to 3pm

In stock


Handcraft Your Own Spiritual Christmas Wreath and Understand Its Spiritual Significance…

I am looking forward to welcoming you to this workshop to help you start to indulge yourself in the comforts of a home-made Christmas spirit, by making and understanding the spiritual meanings of your handcrafted yule tide wreath and the plants you are drawn to use.

A time to relax with friends and like-minded people with the beautiful scents of fresh pine, orange, lemon zest, cloves, cinammon and the beautiful array of colours from the berries and ribbons + lots more.

Have you ever wondered about the spiritual meaning of your Christmas wreaths and the plants you use? Or even how to handcraft a natural wreath for your yule time adornments.

Start your Christmas festive times by coming along and handcrafting your own personal Xmas wreath and understand not only the meanings of it but why you have chosen the adornments. You can even add intentions into your crafting to help bring the festivities to a fore of however you wish them to be. What does Christmas really mean to you?

All materials are provided and included in the cost of the workshop. There will be different crystals available should you wish to include them but they will be at an additional cost on the day, but there is absolutely no obligation to use them it is only if you want to and you will be shown how.

You will take your handcrafted Yule time garland home with you, to hang proudly on your door for whoever passes by, to see and appreciate the energies it gives out.

We will be working with wild foraged plants, fresh and dried products, herbs, oils, crystals and energy work.

During the day, you will be taken through a channelled meditation to help with the crafting of your wreath and the plants you choose and also to attune you to its energies when it has been finished.

Creating in a group is very special and can be so much fun.

Cost: £85 which also includes tea/coffee or mulled wine and festive treats.   Payments are non refundable once paid, however if over a months notice is given the same amount can be used on one of my other workshops or crystals I have for sale.

Saturday 11th December 2021

11pm to 3pm.

My spiritual practice is run on the edge of the New Forest and neighbouring old towns of Wimborne, Cranborne and Ringwood. They are all steeped with wise, old ways, traditions, folklore and country ways.

I have worked spiritually for many years and strongly believe in the healing properties of the wise old ways, working with universal energies, crystals, herbs and healing. I have used them extensively in my own life, work and for animals and will be sharing some of this knowledge with you in this workshop.

Being a Medium, Healer (DHWSA), Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, I do 1-2-1 readings and healings and teach different spiritual workshops. Such as all levels of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Animal Healing and Communication, weekly Meditation /Development Circles, Beginners Tarot and Palmistry courses and various Herbal Wisdom Workshops.

We are on the edge of the New Forest, the old historic towns of Wimborne, Ringwood and Cranbourne and 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches in Bournemouth and 10 minutes away from the historic remains of Knowlton Church with the beautiful Yew trees.

To book your place please add to your shopping cart or contact me for more information.

For more information: Phone: 07968015558

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