1) Reiki I (First Degree) Healing Workshop


Saturday 24th September 2022

10.30am to 4.30pm

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1) Reiki I  (First Degree) Healing Workshop

I teach my workshops via Zoom or physically present as it is energy healing it can be taught and also experienced both of these ways. If you would like more information please contact me.

“It’s good to heal yourself before you heal others”
What the Reiki I Workshop will entail:
Reiki I is about self healing and being able to heal family and friends.
It is a Reiki tradition, to heal yourself before you heal others. When you have troden the path yourself, you can truly empathise with others.
Reiki I will introduce you to the wonderful natural gift of healing, using the universal energy, through your hands.
The workshop is held over 1 day and you will learn:
About Reiki energy, how it works and can be used
The history of Reiki – which holds many valuable life’s lessons
Reiki principles and how to use them in everyday life
How to enhance your own life with Reiki
How to give a full Reiki treatment to yourself, family and friends
The basic chakra system, aura and meridians
You will also take part in a channelled healing Reiki I meditation and initiation into Reiki I energy.
The Reiki I days are always very special and during the day you will be encouraged to practice self healing and healing on others. We will also start to look at body intelligence  what our bodies are actually showing us and how we can help the body to kickstart into healing itself
For full Reiki I teachings 6 Reiki shares will also need to be attended after which you will receive your Reiki I certificate. A manual is issued with the day workshop.
Cost: £175 – instalments are available should they be required. Please message me via the contact form: Payments are non refundable.  The Reiki shares need to be booked separately from my website.

6) Reiki Practice Share Evenings

Contact Lorraine Tricksey

Reiki share training days further teachings and practice of the healing energy. A time to receive healing for yourself, practice healing others, question and answer time, enjoy other channelled healing meditations specific for the group, plus lots more. If you would like  more information or to book a place:

To book a place on this Reiki I workshop please add to your shopping cart.

2) First Crystal Healing with Reiki + Consultation – 90 mins
Tarot reading by email
Crystal Healing Beginners & Advanced Workshops 





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