2) Reiki II (Second Degree) Healing Workshop


Saturday 5th November 2022

10.30 to 4.30pm



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2) Reiki II (Second Degree) Healing Workshop
This is a physically present workshop but if you require teaching via Zoom please message me for the dates.
The workshop is held over 1 day + 6 Reiki share evenings during which you will be taught:
  • The three sacred Reiki symbols and each of their specific functions
  • How to use these symbols as a focus to help strengthen mental and emotional healing, during a healing session, everyday life, in your home, on food and future events in your life such as interviews. It can be used to send distant healing back along your timeline to help heal the past, present and future.
  • How to send absent healing over time and space
  • Make a healing Mandala and use it in your healing
  • You will receive your Reiki II initiations, which will help you go through more transformations with your own natural healing pathway.
  • You will find that with each initiation your intuition, spiritual gifts and your own healing will develop more, taking you onto the next level.
  • You will also be guided through a Reiki II healing meditation which has been specially channelled for this degree. It has been passed down many generations.
  • The ethics of becoming a Reiki practitioner will be shared and help given about the setting up of your Reiki practice and details about insurances etc.,

A manual is provided for the workshop and a certificate presented once the 6 Reiki shares have been completed.

 Cost £200 – Reiki II workshop –instalment payments are available if required, please message me via my contacts page:  Payments are non refundable once paid. 
Reiki share evenings are a time to receive and practice healing, question and answer time, more Reiki learnings and also a channelled Reiki meditation specific for the group. During this time, if it is your aim, we can work together to prepare you to take your Reiki Masters. 
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