4) Reiki Teachers Degree


To learn the Reiki Teachers degree with me you will need to have either learnt with me or be able to provide your certificates and manuals.

Saturday 30th May 2020

10.30 to 4.30pm


4) Reiki Teachers  Degree Workshop:

  1. You will find that by the time you have taken your Reiki Masters Degree you would have undertaken a huge transformation in your own life
  2. You will receive another initiation into the Masters teachers degree
  3. You will be further encouraged to tread the path of a true Reiki Master (the Master of the sacred art) and not only to incorporate Reiki into your life but also to live it – applying it in all that you do wisely.
  4. You will also be taught how to teach Reiki to others – how to do the different attunements, relevant to each degree, the three meditations for each separate degree which have been passed down, the Reiki lineage and also how to teach Reiki from the heart.
  5. Help with producing your own manuals and teachings.
  6. You will receive your own personal lineage
  7. There will be ongoing support when required and the availability to sit in on other Reiki teaching days and attunements.

A certificate and manual are given

You will need to have already taken your Reiki I, II and III degrees before you can enrol on this workshop. If you have taken these with another Reiki Master I will need to see your certificates and manuals to make sure you have received all the Reiki teachings. If you haven’t yet taken these degrees please see my other workshops and I will be more than happy to help you.

Cost: £300 – instalment payments are available. If required please message me via my contacts page.  Payments are non refundable once paid, however if over a months notice is given the same amount can be used on one of my other workshops or crystals I have for sale.

If you would like to purchase a place on my Reiki Masters Teachers Workshop please add it to your shopping cart.

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