5) Reiki Healing Refresher Workshop + 6 Reiki Shares


Sat 4th November 2017

10.30am to 4.30pm


5) Reiki Healing Refresher Workshop + 6 Reiki Shares.

This is a workshop for anyone who has already taken any of the Reiki healing degrees. However, for some reason or another feel they have forgotten all, they were taught or have not continued to use their Reiki healing, but would now like to start putting it into practice or anyone who has lost confidence and would like to learn more.

Perhaps you are now in a different place than you were back then.

Reiki is an energy so needs to be used to keep the energy flowing.

This workshop will help get you back on your Reiki pathway whether you wish to work as a Reiki practitioner or simply for yourself, family & friends and will enable the reiki energy to flow.

This is a 1 day workshop + also includes 6 monthly Reiki evening shares, which are held on the first Tuesday of each month.

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