How To Scry – Descry, Hydromancy or Crystal Ball Glazing Workshop


Saturday 27th October 2018

11am to 3.30 pm



I am holding this scrying workshop on the cusp of Samhain / Halloween, as the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest, making it much easier to make spiritual connections with the spirit world.
How to scry – descry hydromancy crystal glazing.How to Scry – Descry, Hydromancy or Crystal Ball Glazing Workshop. Learn how to scry.  When you are starting to be drawn to crystals & divination many start to see more in them and often want to go onto the next step and use a crystal ball for divination or to see more for a client or themselves or even use an obsidian mirror plus other forms of scrying. The techniques I teach are a great tool, if you are struggling with directions, decisions or wish to connect with guides, loved ones or are being pulled to scry for clients or just want to explore the mysteries of your second sight.

The aim of this workshop is to take you onto this next step and show you the safe correct techniques for working this way.

We will be working with a variety of different scrying methods.

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