Workshop to Craft Herbal Smudge Sticks, Incense & Smudge Feathers

Saturday 8th July 2017 – 11am to 3pm
During this Workshop to Craft Herbal Smudge Sticks, Incense & Smudge Feathers you will learn how to craft different herbal smudge sticks, herbal incense, herbal smudge feathers & prayer ties. A fun day showing you how to make the most of the herbs from your gardens. Learn to connect intuitively with the herbal energies before starting to work with them.
During this time you will be taught how to harvest, dry & store different herbs. We will be starting with a meditation to help you connect with the herb’s different energies before starting to craft with them. Let the herbs direct you to which ones are the best for you to work with for your individual needs.
  1. Make your own personal healing smudge sticks. Smudge sticks are used in healing to release negative or blocked energies. Also great to use around your homes/work places. Especially good if there are a lot of people passing through or working in the same areas.
  2. Herbal incenses to help heal, cleanse and protect your homes, work places, psychic work, crystals and yourselves.
  3. Craft your own personal smudge feather to use with your crafted smudge sticks & incenses for your homes & spiritual work
  4. We will be making herbal prayer ties, to help release anything you may be holding onto, or may need to be dealing with in your own personal healing process. You will also be shown how to release using the prayer times.
Cost £60 to include all materials

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