Lorraine Tricksey works as a Medium and Reiki Spiritual Healer and Teacher. She has developed her own unique way of giving readings and healings often helping others release deep seated blocks, some even held onto from childhood or past lives, which have been influencing their present life. She is a Reiki Master and a qualified member of the Dorset Hants & Wilts Spiritual Healing Association.  She has a vast experience in healing and devotes a lot of time to private readings, healings and running workshops, teaching others healing techniques using the ancient healing art of Reiki, crystals & linking into their psychic intuition and monthly Reiki shares. She also teaches tarot card and palmisty reading & holds weekly beginner and advanced meditation/spiritual development circles.

She originally started out healing people and animals around and local to herself but this soon expanded to other areas and she now also travels extensively to other areas, fayres & events doing readings, healings, workshops and talks.

A lot of her work has involved working with animals & children and in 2007 together with her husband founded The Healing Garden Centre which brought together plants, herbs, animals, people and the spiritual arts a beautiful place where she was able to help people to heal themselves, their animals and their plants/herbs and also show them how when all these things work together they can also heal each other.

We hope you enjoy viewing our site and visit our shop with beautiful crystals for sale. Lorraine personally chooses the crystals with beautiful energies and healing properties and they will all be cleansed and reiki charged before being sent out to you.

For more information or to book a reading, treatment or place on a workshop or meditation/development circle please join Lorraine on her facebook pages under:

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Lorraine Tricksey – The Healing Garden Centre

Contact Us / Phone: 07968015558 / 01202 813473