My spiritual practice is run on the edge of the New Forest and neighbouring old towns of Wimborne, Cranborne and Ringwood. Which are all steeped with wise, old ways, traditions, folklore and country ways. I have run my spiritual practice for many years where I help people, animals and teach the old ways of natural healing along with Reiki, crystals, herbs etc., Being a Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual healer with DHWSA, I do 1-2-1 readings, healings and teach different spiritual workshops, all levels of Reiki, crystal healing, animal healing and communication, weekly development circles and teach tarot and palmistry. I enjoy handcrafting with herbs I grow myself from seed, with healing and intent, or wild foraged from good sources, close to my home. I have worked with healing for many years and my products usually have healing benefits. I strongly believe in the wise old ways, crystals, herbs and healing. I use them extensively in my own life, work and for animals. I hope you enjoy using my products. I am more than happy to source crystals for you or make bespoke items, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hold on-line live crystal sales each Tuesday and Friday from 7.30pm on my Facebook page – The Home of Hocus Pocus – why not join us?

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In 2007 together with my husband, founded The Healing Garden Centre. Which brought together plants, herbs, animals, people and the spiritual arts a beautiful place where I was able to help people to understand themselves, their animals and plants and show when all these work together, they can all help each other.

I hope you enjoy viewing my site and visit my shop, with beautiful crystals and various spiritual workshops I hold. I personally choose the crystals, with beautiful energies, which will all be cleansed and reiki charged before being sent out.

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Contact Us / Phone: 07968015558

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